SMART Board ® X885

SMART Technologies

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Hands-on learning, intuitive capabilities

A catalyst for class participation. Intuitive design. Engaging digital workspace. True multi-student collaboration and small group learning. Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. Spark better learning outcomes for all.

Create a more collaborative and engaging classroom for your students with a SMART Board ® X885 series interactive whiteboard.

Multitouch Collaboration
With multi-touch interactivity, multiple students can work together or independently at the board with fingers or a pen.

Freestyle interaction
Every surface inch is a collaborative workspace – multiple students, multiple actions.

Intuitive at every touch
Go from pen to fingers to palm of your hand, interchangeably with object awareness. Flick, rotate, zoom and erase with natural touch gestures.

It includes only the most advanced features to help teachers and students collaborate with ease. Designed for whole class, small group and individual learning, this is the pinnacle of the SMART Board experience.

Simple and intuitive SMART Board® tools:

Object awareness ™ technology recognizes when you’re using a finger (touch/drag), pen (write) or fist (erase).
SMART ink ™ makes notes easy to read, and allows writing to be converted to text and inserted into applications like Microsoft Office®. Writing is natural and looks better with SMART ink. Whether you’re using a pen or finger, each stroke is a work of art. Its realistic digital ink improves legibility, so teachers don’t have to re-write and students feel confident contributing.
All SMART Board® interactive displays include a year-long subscription to SMART Learning Suite with full access to SMART NotebookSMART Learning Suite OnlineSMART response 2 and SMART lab. After a period of 1 year you should renew your subscription or you can keep on using SMART Learning Suite software in restricted mode.                  

Diagonal 87″ / 221 cm
Dimensions 168 cm × 129,5 cm × 16,5 cm
Touch technology DViT® (Digital Vision Touch) technology
Multitouch capabilities Users can interact with the interactive whiteboard using the included pens or otherm objects, or by using their fingers to write and perform gestures. Support for four simultaneous touches enables up to four users to interact with the interactive whiteboard.
Touch and gestures Perform mouse functions with your finger and write and erase digital ink with a pen tray pen or the eraser. The Object Awareness feature enables you to pick up a pen, and then write, select or erase without replacing the pen. This interactive whiteboard also features gesture capability, providing a natural and flexible way to interact with content.
Pen tray Optical sensors in the pen tray detect when you lift a pen or eraser from the tray. Color buttons on the pen tray enable you to select pen color. Removable end caps for optional accessories.
Screen surface The hard-coated steel surface is durable, is optimized for projection and is compatible withdry-erase markers and easily cleaned.
Weight 25 kg
Warranty Two-year limited equipment warranty
FREE additional three years with product registration
Included cables and accessories USB cabel, Pen (×2), Wall-mount bracket
* Simple and intuitive tools, Multitouch capabilities, they all require SMART Product Drivers to be installed. Some applications might not support all touch points.