SMART Learning Suite Online enhancements and SMART Notebook® 18

The following enhancements for SMART Learning Suite Online including collaborative workspace activities, presentation & activity pages, multi-page lesson creation, and more are now available. The latest Education Software Release, including SMART Notebook® 18, product drivers 12.10 and SMART ink 5.3, are also available as part of this release. These updates are included as part of a SMART Learning Suite subscription. 
4-year tearm SMART Learning Suite subscriptions are also now available.
New in SMART Learning Suite Online
Collaborative workspace activities:  This new activity type leverages student devices to enable whole-class or small-group collaboration in SMART Learning Suite Online. Easily bring students together in a shared space to simultaneously work on projects and content.
Convert existing content to activities: easily make existing content into activities that students can complete using their own devices
Import Microsoft® PowerPoint or PDFs: Easily incorporate, make interactive and share teachers’ existing content 
New Creation Mode: 
  • Create multi-page lessons: Imported content, activities and assessments can now be combined into a single lesson
  • Rename pages and files
  • Delete & reorder pages in a lesson
  • Convert presentation pages to interactive activity pages
Saving Student Contributions: Student contributions to Shout it Out and SMART response 2 activities are now saved. If a teacher returns to the lesson, they can select 'review results' to review the student contributions.
What’s New in SMART Notebook® 18 
  • Enhanced Properties Tab: New design and features in the properties tab enable easier use at 4k resolutions.
  • User Interface referencing “” for connecting student devices has been updated to “”
  • Support for SMART Board MX Series and SMART Podium 624 (Windows and Mac OS)
  • Auto-scaling in slide sorter
  • Updated Welcome screen with teacher training
  • Support for Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, introduced in 17.1.1. Mac OS X 10.10 will no longer be supported.
Download SMART Notebook 18