Interactive floor activate the whole body

In recent years, it has been found that children are not moving enough, consequently they do not develop good motor skills, and more than a quarter of children are too heavy or too obese. The fact is that children need movement as a biological need and for further development.

Particular attention must be paid to the motivation of children to the movement. Today, the easiest way to motivate children, is through a game, that can be played with a ball or on the interactive floor. The latter are largely increasing the motor skills of children, their mobility, visual-motion coordination, perception and their responsiveness to situations.

Interactive floor is an integrated motion sensor system which includes a projector, computer and interactive floor. They provide a wide range of different games, which at the same time promote learning, entertainment and movement. They are intended for both pre-school and school children as well as adults.

Different manufacturers of interactive floors provide a variety of game options and upgrades. Which means they have developed certain games that users can customize to their own needs and content.
Games are set so that the participants move their hands and feet, but they also have to think. Not only do children activate their whole body, children also learn subconsciously in this kind of games.

"It has been scientifically proven that in the dynamic activity, like a game,  blood circulation increases, and consequently the production of nerve growth factors. Which means that new neurons are formed in the brain. "