SMART Remote Management

SMART Technologies

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Any device. Any location.

Push updates. Send messages. Run diagnostics.

SMART Remote Management provides a one-stop solution for education and business administrators to maintain, control, support and secure devices from any web browser.

SMART Remote Management is specifically designed to centrally manage all devices – iOS®, Android™, Chrome OS™ and Windows® – including SMART Board® displays with iQ.

Available by subscription or as part of SMART Elite service plans.
Manage and secure your device fleet in real-time

With intuitive dashboards and diagnostics, SMART Remote Management shows a summary view of not only your SMART Board displays with iQ, but your entire mix of devices with the power to efficiently manage them all – no matter their location.

SMART Remote Management is flexible and easily scalable from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of devices. By tracking and reporting a variety of parameters, you can know the status of your device fleet and users in real-time.

Support and Maintenance
• Provide remote assistance by taking control of device screen
• Initiate multiple support sessions simultaneously
• Centrally manage apps, devices and operating system (OS) settings and updates
• Apply and impose device, apps and web usage policies, either manually or triggered
• Streamline software distribution and OS updates for the entire device fleet

Device and User Tracking
• Total and active users
• Detailed device usage reports
• Active and connected devices
• Last device commands
• Device OS distribution

Security and Alerts
• Send instant messages to device fleet
• Blacklist /whitelist website URLs
• Create geofences and location perimeters
• Track device location and lock lost or stolen devices
• Set predefined triggers and alerts
• Sound an alarm using the anti-theft module

SMART Board with iQ Display Management
• Put displays and devices into different functional groups (e.g. location, discipline, grade level)
• Schedule over-the-air iQ software updates
• Set power standby time for displays
• Report if individual displays are powered off
SMART Remote Management is available as 1, 2 or 3 -year subscription.
SMART Remote Management – 1 -year subscription/1-99 devices – 17,16€
SMART Remote Management – 2 -year subscription /1-99 devices – 31,17€
SMART Remote Management – 3 -year subscription /1-99 devices – 43,57€
* For managing more devices, please send inquiry.