Parotec iNdota D12 - Desktop Charge and Sync 12 Bay


535,00 € W/O VAT, delivery, customs
652,70 € Prices inc. VAT

As more tablets are deployed into classrooms, businesses and retail spaces, providing a compact, easy to use solution is important.

The solution is suited for any working and learning environment, as more tablets are deployed into these areas. The iNdota D12 stores, charges and syncs up to 12 devices at once. It can be mounted to a desktop, a countertop or mounted to a wall.
With space for up to 12 devices including iPad, Android tablets, and more, the cabinet is the perfect place to securely manage the devices. Each bay can accommodate tablets in rugged cases check out our great range.

Stackable and Secure
The iNdota D12 can be securely stacked, up to 3 units, to save space and increase device capacity up to 36. These units can be then 'Daisy Chained' allowing the connected devices to be synchronised simultaneously with a single USB input.
A tamper-resistant, retracting front door offers security with key access. The door on the iNdota D12 opens 90° upwards and contracts on itself for easy access to the devices.
The iNdota D12 also features 4 screw holes in the rear of the unit, so the user can secure it to a wall for added security.

The iNdota D12 Highlights:
  • Stores and charges up to 12 mobile devices, either all of the same model or a variety of models from different manufacturers
  • Charge and Sync
  • Can facilitate USB Chargeable devices such as iPad, Android Tablet and more.
  • Plastic divided slots effectively cradle the devices and keep devices protected, also the cable tidy system eliminates the 'octopus effect' with cables
  • The electrical unit features an external on/off switch
  • Door opens opens 90° upwards and pushes inwards to provide easy access to devices and connections
  • Power Supply and Connections are accessible from the rear of the unit
  • Lockable (Keys Provided)
  • Ventilation System keeps devices cool
  • Smooth, easy to clean surfaces.

Dimensions 535 mm x 350 mm x 490 mm
Capacity 12 
Device Width 35 mm
Warranty Limited 3-Year Warranty
Input Voltage 110-240 VAC
Stackable up to 3 units