ideenbrett madame - combined Dry Erase / Felt Board – imsinne portable


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Dry Erase Board - ideenbrett transforms any space or wall into an efficient and creative work environment anywhere and anytime. It is made of the highest quality modern materials for special use and thus offers excellent solutions at work or at home.

Dry Erase Board - ideenbrett is an ideal solution for learning or creative problem solving, it is suitable for all work environments, especially for educational and business ones. It is intended for wall use and surprises with an ingenious (patented) frameless design and minimalist design.

Due to its completely new design and unique appearance, it attracts many views.

The writing surface is intended for quick and easy writing with the ideenconnect pens and erasing with the ideenzero eraser.

Reversible - for use on both sides

Combined Dry Erase / Felt Board unites the best of both worlds. One side is white and you can write on it and wipe with a dry sponge, and the other side is a felt-coated surface, which is intended for attaching documents with drawing pins.
Advantages of Dry Erase Board - ideenbrett:

  • It is a compact, modular and lightweight solution as it is ergonomically designed.
  • The board is made of one piece, without corners, without a delicate aluminum frame and other fragile components - it is practically indestructible.
  • Compact design.
  • The most mobile and economical solution on the market.
Dry Erase Board - ideenbrett madame impresses with its size, which is like a handbag and the wonderful feeling of felt. It allows the visualization of thoughts. It is extremely light and serves as a small modern table.

It feels comfortable in your lap, on the table or on the floor. Rivets made of high-quality plastic not only protect the board, but also the floor from scratches, so madame has proven to be very suitable even for very young children.

Dimensions 40 cm × 30 cm × 2,5 cm
Weight 0,6 kg
Material felt, acryl